Say Hello to Books and Cwtches!

Hi all!

I’m Laura, a 30 year old mum of two who just can’t stop reading!

I grew up in Newport before venturing to sunny Swansea for university and beautiful Bristol for my PGCE – I’m an English teacher hence the alliteration! 

I’ve now settled back in Newport with my family and met some amazing, like minded people who also love anything book related.

I can’t really remember when my love of reading started. I have memories of reading when I was a young child; I can remember reading The Jolly Postman, Beatrix Potter and a Super Ted book.

I was the child who would spend hours roaming the aisles of the library, leaving with armfuls of books and never returning them on time. I can remember my first experience of Shakespeare in the form of an abridged version Hamlet and loved it. Even now I love teaching Shakespeare, with Macbeth being a firm favourite in my classroom.

I was also the child who had the new Harry Potter on release weekend and would sit completely engrossed for the whole weekend so that I could finish it before school on Monday. I wasn’t letting anyone spoil the plot for me, especially Half-Blood Prince!

During university, I found my reading slipped – despite studying English Literature – and it is only recently that I have got my reading mojo back fully. I don’t tend to enjoy being told what to read so often struggle with book clubs and set lists; I like to be able to read whatever takes my fancy at that point rather than a prescribed book by a set date.

I set up my Bookstagram account a year ago whilst on maternity leave as I wanted somewhere where I didn’t have to be mummy, wife or teacher. I have loved seeing my account and friendships with other Bookstagrammers grow. The bookstagram community is like my second family and I would encourage everyone to join. If you fancy having a nose at my bookish ramblings head over to

As an English teacher, I feel it is my job to ramble and take eight paragraphs to say one thing! So I’m going to end my rambling with some quick-fire questions. Hope you enjoy our blog!

Favourite books: The Color Purple and Matilda

Favourite genres: YA, Thriller

Favourite authors: Roald Dahl, C.L. Taylor, Elizabeth Acevedo, Sophie Kinsella

Favourite series: Harry Potter (of course!)

Favourite character: Matilda

Most read book: Either To Kill a Mockingbird, HP or An Inspector Calls (I’m an English teacher!)

Bookish bad habits: I tend to fold down the corners of my books as I can never find a bookmark, despite owning hundreds! Also, I buy way too many books and just can’t keep up.

Ideal reading space: A big, comfy armchair with a small table for my cup of tea and biscuits.

Physical book .v. eBook: I much prefer a physical book, being able to turn the pages and have that bookish smell! But a Kindle is so handy and a good way to hide book purchases from my husband!

Paperback .v. Hardback: Definitely paperback. I find hardbacks a bit to heavy and hard to hold whilst reading. However, they do look nice on a bookshelf! 

Book .v. Adaptation: It has to be the book 90% of the time! And you have to read it before watching the adaptation! The only adaptation that springs to mind where I prefer the film to the book is Jurassic Park! 

One book .v. Multiple books: I try to stick with just one book at a time but I never seems to work. I have so many on my to be read like that I always seem to end up reading about 2/3 at one time! 

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